The purpose of this section of the blog is to provide links to reports and statements from experts that support our campaign to stop Site C dam.  When time permits, the page will be updated, but I wanted to get reference to this report in to get the page started:

Numerous reports have been issued in the last few weeks by PVEA and Peace Valley Landowner Association’s (PVLA’s) international energy expert, Robert McCullough in response to the BCUC Inquiry and post Inquiry.  They are too numerous to post here but can be found on our blog.  Please enter ‘McCullough’ in the search window on the right of our blog home page to find them all.


Information, sourced and drawn from engineering reports on Site C, provide details on many concerns associated with the dam, particularly the instability of the clay banks lining the Peace River as well as consequences of on-going siltation, among other things.  Here are 3 sources of info on these issues:

Apr 18 11 Backgrounder to Peter Kent

Site C Technical Backgrounder Nov 12

letter to Kent


You’ll find informative quotes and facts from our experts in our latest brochure here:   (can be printed on legal sized paper and folded in 4)

Sept 17 v2 Site C campaign broch for ind B^L0W print

Findings and questions from international energy expert, Robert McCullough:

A one-pager with findings post- BCUC Preliminary Review:

A synopsis which includes a link to McCullough’s entire report post -Deloitte LLP report submission to the BCUC:

All additional reports from Robert McCullough can be found here.


Post-Deloitte LLP Report findings from Eoin Finn, Director of the Pacific Electricity Ratepayers Association and retired partner of a major accounting and consulting firm:

Finn Site C Talking PointsRev1 (2) Sep 19 2017


Jan 12, 2016: First Nations Present Scientific Evidence on Impacts to Groundwater From Site C Dam

West Moberly, Prophet River, and Saulteau First Nations say BC Hydro has left gaps in groundwater data at dam site

/ — FORT ST. JOHN, BRITISH COLUMBIA — (Marketwired) — 01/12/16 — West Moberly First Nations, Prophet River First Nation, and Saulteau First Nations have provided new scientific evidence on the potential impact to groundwater from the proposed Site C dam. The First Nations retained an expert in hydrogeology, Dr. Gilles Wendling, to conduct a technical evaluation of groundwater information provided by BC Hydro.

“My research,” Dr. Wendling stated, “uncovered significant data gaps in the characterization of groundwater around the dam site.”

Read full news article by clicking on title link above.


Until I have time to enter them individually, please find reports from agricultural experts Wendy Holm and Eveline Wolterson as well as economist Marvin Shaffer, as submitted to the Joint Review Panel, on our page here:


Additional reports from various experts including energy economist, Robert McCullough can be found by scrolling through our blog home page here: