Fundraiser: ‘Peace River’ by Cindy Vincent



Renowned local artist, Cindy Vincent of Fort St. John painted the large, 4’x6′  ‘Peace River’ and is generously donating all proceeds from the sale of giclee canvas prints and cards of the original painting to the Peace Valley Environment Association.

My love of nature has led me to a life long pursuit in oil painting with the hopes of capturing a little of the beauty I see around me.

Water is one of my favorite subjects and this amazing view near Alwin Holland Park has been a great source of inspiration to me. Last year I decided to paint a large canvas of the Peace River in efforts to raise awareness of some of the beautiful places that would be lost if Site C went ahead. I hope future generations will be able to stand on these banks and enjoy these amazing spots for years to come. ~ Cindy Vincent

Cards with the print on them can be purchased for $3.50 each or 5 for $15 or 10 for $25.

The original 4’x6′ print is presently on display at Peace Gallery North in the North Peace Cultural Centre in Fort St. John, BC and is available to be purchased for $13,500.00.

Giclee* prints of this incredible painting are also available in various sizes and prices as follows:

16 x 26 $350
20 x 32 $550
22 x 36 $625
24 x 39 $700
27 x 44 $825
28 x 45 $875
31 x 50 $1000
Note:  above prices include tax.
*Giclee prints are extremely high quality prints created from multiple scanned images of the original painting.  The prints are done on mounted canvas.  Cindy touches up the giclees slightly, at not extra charge, so that each one is unique.
Please contact Cindy Vincent directly at 250-261-9671 or at if you are interested in purchasing the painting or a print and THANK YOU for your support to the PVEA! 🙂

Donations to help support our campaign to Protect the Peace are gratefully received. Details on how to make a donation can be found near the bottom of the page here.