PVEA works collaboratively with many amazing allied groups.  Our campaign to defend the Peace River Valley continues to grow.  We are united in stopping the development of the wasteful and destructive Site C dam.

The following are some tools and ideas you can use to take action to protect the Peace River Valley:

Site C Campaign Fact Sheets 

Everything you need to know supporting the main arguments against Site C:

Social Media Resources

Campaign Brochures

Distribute brochures with information on key issues of concern associated with Site C at any suitable events you’re attending or get some friends together and distribute in a high pedestrian traffic area in your community.  Brochures available for download and printing here.

Political Persuasion in the Upcoming BC Election – May 9th, 2017

  • Persuade existing MLA and candidates in your riding to take a strong stand against Site C and support the need to halt construction while an thourough assessment of the project is conducted by the public watchdog, the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC).
    • Achieve this goal by writing letters to MLA’s and candidates and following up with a face-to-face meeting or phone call to discuss the issue
  • Attend election campaign related events such as nomination meetings, all-candidates meetings, meet-your-candidate events where there are opportunities to ask questions of the candidates. Be prepared with your questions about their stance on Site C.  Use the opportunity as a platform to educate others in the audience.  Start with a statement about a concern about the project and follow up with a question that requires an open—ended response.
  • Host a meet-your-candidate event in your home with friends.

Other Strategies

  • Write a letter
    • to your local paper (ccing large publications like the Vancouver Sun, The Province or Times Colonist) outlining the concerns associated with Site C. Include a variety of examples, starting with the increase in cost of every British Columbians’ hydro bill.  Then you can include other issues such as cheaper alternatives, loss of prime food producing land, environmental and First Nations impacts.
    • to your MP via our letter writing website, RealSiteCHearings.org. This site will soon be updated to automatically look up your MLA plus any candidates running in your riding. The letter will be cc’d to key federal politicians as well.
  • Create a banner
    • and hang it or hold it in a location where many will see it whether on a bridge, downtown in your community or at an event.


                       This banner was made with a piece of white tarp, a cord to fasten it and duct tape for the lettering.

  • Host a table
    • with information about Site C at an event. Use the resources on this page such as brochure, fact sheets, banners, etc.  Run videos on the issues at your table.
  • Make a White Elephant placard
    • and bring it to events. Invite your friends to do the same and populate a high traffic area for a few hours.


  • Host a presentation of the book, ‘The Peace in Peril: The Real Cost of the Site C Dam’,
    • by author Christopher Pollon and photographer Ben Nelms.
    • To make arrangements, contact Christopher Pollon, cpollon@telus.net and publisher, Megan Jones, megan@zgcommunications.com.


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