A comprehensive source of the best materials and reports associated with our Site C campaign can be found through the following sources.

The easiest way to obtain them is to visit our website and click on ‘ISSUES’ at the top.  This will lead you to a synthesis of the main issues and many hyperlinks to documentation supporting our position.

For updates on all materials associated with the campaign, please access any of the following as well:


Twitter: @SavePeaceValley

Join our mailing list here for occasional updates and action alerts.

Follow our blog here for occasional updates and action alerts.


PVEA Overview of Issues…  entitled “The Peace River Valley: Worth Saving” and is an overview as the file name suggests.

Additional technical information regarding geological instability can be found at backgrounder final. It includes infomation on the potential for landslides, seismic activitiy, siltation and sinkholes. This document was originally written as a backgrounder that accompanied a letter for federal Minister of Environment, Peter Kent.

Site C Accountability…  this document was originally prepared with BC MLAs in mind but includes useful information for everyone.

Agriculture Backgrounder…  provides additional information regarding the agricultural value of the Peace River Valley.

Climate Change Backgrounder…  provides additional insight into the correlation between climate change and the proposed Site C dam.

BC’s Peace River Valley and Climate Change… report done as a joint project for PVEA and WMFN.  Go to the It’s Our Valley website for more information.


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